Mixing and Mastering

The #1 Industry Mixing and Mastering Service for Rap Hip-hop R&B and More..


Industry Mastering - $50.00

Mixing and Mastering is a way to get your songs loud and radio ready in a simple sense. We use analog and digital gear to help you achieve that million dollar studio sound. Get your songs radio ready with our mastering services.


Mix & Master - Essentials - $85.00

The Mixing and Mastering Gold Option provides everything you need to distribute your songs. Get ypur songs loud and clear to compete along side your favorite artist on the radio. This option is recommended for demos singles and mixtapes


Mix & Master - Grammy - $250.00

The Mixing and Master Platinum Option provides the works with provides maximum quality using the best Analog gear and digital plugins. This Option is recommended for projects like Singles Eps and Albums.



Investment is a major key to becoming a MAJOR ARTIST in todays industry. Record labels and A&Rs love to see rising artist with already industry quality sound. Constituents Creative, will provide you with a Major artist sound for indie prices. This will allow you to compete with major artist and most importantly get more SALES and possibly a record deal. Get Constituents Creative, Mixing and Mastering services. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make.



Jus Deno / Producer & Engineer

Listen to My Latest Mixes. Click the “Play My Mixes” Button below to Hear More.

Amazing Features

Get Industry Mixing and Mastering with Hybrid (Analog + Digital) Mixing. all options includes, Acapella Mix, Bea Mix, HQ mp3 & WAV Mixdown.

Advance Mixing

Advanced Analog EQ, Compression, Noise Gating, Reverb, Delay & DeEssing using industry leading plugins. Analog Bus Compression & Mastering.

Safe & Secure

Purchase Your Mixing and Mastering Services with secure payment powered by Stripe. We also accept payments via CashApp & PayPa.

High Rated Service

With over 100+ 5 stars review all over the internet, we are confident you will be 100% satisfied guaranteed. Read our reviews. Click here

24Hrs Rush TurnAround

Are you on a deadline? Get your songs pushed to priority status. We will delivery you finished song within 24hrs guaranteed. (ADD: $50)

Dedicated Support

Our support is second to none. To Correctly Prepare and Send your songs for Mixing & Mastering, please visit our FAQ page. CLICK HERE


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Can never go wrong when this guy is mixing and mastering your music 💯🤘🏾🔥
Xavier Avery
Xavier Avery
00:08 19 Feb 19
It was a pleasure working with Deno! It had been a while since I’ve been back in a professional studio, and we got right to work. Great vibe, great environment and great work ethic. Both the quality of the equipment and the sound was second to none. Will definitely be working with Deno for my entire next project. Really looking forward to more work in the future! If you’re an artist in the city, or surrounding areas, this is where you need to be!
Chris Sivells
Chris Sivells
13:47 18 Feb 19
2nd time in a studio and felt so comfortable! No nerves whatsoever, awesome vibe and got right to work! Deno is the man. Definitely recommended 10/10!
Amber Zubiate
Amber Zubiate
20:32 15 Feb 19
If you want somebody who is gonna work with you the way you want then i Suggest You book a appointment with Iproduce1 im speaking from 2019 Experience so you can trust this review if i was a selfish artist i wouldnt even Post this review because i would Keep it to myself so pretty much Yes call him email him or whatever you need to do i know its hard to judge things online especially when its your Hard work that your plan on working on well TRUST your in good hands with IPRODUCE1 💯
Eric Freelove
Eric Freelove
18:56 14 Feb 19
I’ve got four words for you...Deno. Is. The. Truth!! I haven’t been in a studio in over seven years and it was hands down one of the most comfortable experiences I’ve ever had. Deno is a total professional, his equipment is top notch and his beats are 🔥🔥🔥🔥. I don’t know why anyone would go anywhere else. Last but definitely not least, his rates are extremely affordable! Give him a shot, I promise you’ll be back!
Lindsi Thompson
Lindsi Thompson
14:54 21 Dec 18
Most definitely a good experience. I’d recommend to anyone looking to expand their sound, and do it in a comfortable environment
Malik Cotton
Malik Cotton
18:29 01 Aug 18
Brother Deno is phenomenal!!! He is awesome to work with and excels in his craftsmanship. iProduce1 is a place where you can tap into your own creativity, cultivate, and leave greatly improved as an artist on all levels. Grateful for the connection.
LaZae' Anderson
LaZae' Anderson
00:26 22 Jul 18
The best experience I’ve ever had. Deno makes sure that you’re comfortable and doesn’t stop until you’re completely happy with how it sounds. Super friendly and definitely has your best interest at heart.
Gigi Rachelle
Gigi Rachelle
16:46 14 Jun 18
Hands down one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Deno was very professional, patient and created a relaxing environment from the start. I was a complete amateur walking into this project and he took the time to walk us through the steps, even educating us on the editing techniques he was applying. Finally, I was even more surprised to learn that our recorded track was immediately available to us. Prior to our departure from the studio, we had our project in hand. I couldn’t be happier with this whole experience. I highly recommend!
Tiff A
Tiff A
11:14 18 Apr 18
I had this dream of making my first album and Iproduce1 exceeded my expectations. He is professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful and understanding. I was extremely nervous and he eased all my issues and after working with me and a hectic schedule we created some great music. I definitely recommend him, and I stand by this guy! Great beats and production!!
Kenyatta Sandrea
Kenyatta Sandrea
12:39 12 Jan 18